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    Updates replication between ePO servers

      Hello everybody,


      I need to deploy ePO 4.5 in organization that has multiple sites: one main site, the other are branch sites. The sites are not connected to the internet.

      All the management (policy, reports etc…) should be made in the main site. Updates and definition files should be loaded at the main site and replicate to all other sites. Still, if there is no connectivity between the sites, the admins on the branch site should have the ability to load updates for their site.

      I know that installing ePO server on each site and setting the servers in the branch sites as registered servers gives me the ability to share policy and roll-up data, but I don't understand whether it's possible to sync updates between the servers.

      My questions are:

      1.       Is it possible to replicate updates between different ePO servers? Can it be accomplished with distributed repositories?

      2.       Is it possible to give the admins in the branch site permissions to load updates only? (I don't want them to delete shared policies, make policies by themselves or anything like this…)