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    McAfee Total Protection 2010 - Shredder Issue as well as Customer Support



      I wonder if anyone would be good enough at McAfee to tell me why my Shredder is not functioning properly? It goes thru the motions of shredding -but I get an error message "Unable to shred, Allow full access to the file or folder or close programs using the drive". I note that the Recycle Bin is empty afterwards.


      This is where so called Customer Support gets interesting.


      After trying the Vitual Technician (no joy there - apart from fixing one registry problem), I decided to contact Customer Support by the email. I stated the problem with the shredder. This was sent on July 17th 2010 6:30 GMT. I get an acknowledgement that the call is loged at 17 July 2010 13:59.


      A Technician contacted me on July 17th 2010 23.02. Fair play at his point. The Technician confidently explains that an issue is sometimes caused due to corrupted files in the Recycle Bin. When McAfee try to remove or shred a file it produce the common windows warning message. He goes onto say that the corrupted file has to be removed to solve this issue and explains the steps to be taken. Well, Okay I dilligently follow his instruction - but to no avail.


      To cut a long story short, this has been escaleted to Teir 2 Support. I have informed those who required it of my availability, contact numbers and primary and secondary emails. Last night I recieved a call at 08:30 from a technician - I just missed the call - then an email saying that they had tried to contact me (okay fairplay) but I had already informed McAfee that I would be available from 17:00 hrs GMT. I think that contacting someone well beyond the appropriate time is farcical. To add insult to injury, I was informed in this email to arrange a time so the technician could call back. That was today at 18:00hrs GMT. I'am now writing this at 19:04 hrs GMT and not one dickie bird of a call or email. Infact I have further replied to yesterday's email stating that the time is now 18:15 hrs GMT - where are you Second Teir Support?




      where do I go from here.


      To McAfee - I want this issue resolved McAfee-  and I want to know the contact details of who to complain to about your Customer Service.


      To all you good folk out their. If you know the work around to the shredder problem - then I would be grateful for your advice/help.


      All the best