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    HDLP DLP Policy Menu


      Hi All,


      My question is two fold:


      We run ePO 4.5 on a Windows 2008 Server, with the database located on another SQL Server.

      I have installed HDLP as per the documentation. You can log into the DLP Policy from the ePO console on server.


      Question 1


      I connect to the ePO console via my laptop so I don't have to log onto the server all the time which I think everyone does, but when I try and open DLP Policy it wants to install the policy monitor and run through the wizard onto my laptop after I have already installed it on the server. Can you only see DLP from the server? Why does it want to install it again on my laptop. We ahve a few users who access the ePO console via their machines.


      Question 2


      As iit uses Active X  - I use Firefox to access ePO Console it will not open, I know Active X is only MS software is there no way around this? I will use IE if no way around it but I find when you scroll in the system tree it freezes and you have to close IE down. No issues with Firefox. Using IE 7