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    Anti-Spam modules in console

      I have removed the Anti-Spam modules from the repository in my test/lab console with no issues and plan to do the same in production, but I want to be able to restore them/re-install them into the console repository if something goes wrong.  I don't seem to be able to find any documentation anywhere within McAfee or on the web that would help me understand where these modules came from in the first place and honestly, almost no information on them at all.  When I spoke with McAfee EPO support, they didn't even know that MASE had anything to do with Anti-Spam (I had to show them the connection).  Unfortunately there is no information about the MASE packages either.  Can anyone help me find where these modules exist in case I need to load them back into the repository again?


      Anti-Spam Engine for Windows version 2.2.0 (9286) from 7/6/10

      Anti-Spam Engine and Rule Update version 8505.8505 from 4/5/10


      Thanks in advance!

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          I think I know where the confusion came from - MASE is an acronym that refers to an old product called McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise, which has nothing to do with spam


          The packages you refer to are the anti-spam engine and rule updates used by products with anti-spam capabilities, like GroupShield. If you need to put them back into the repository, all you need to do is make sure you have the extension for Groupshield checked in to ePO, and then run a pull task - they will be downloaded automatically.


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            Thank you Joe!  I just want to add a little clarification in the rare case that anyone else out there would care about this :-)  The Anti-Spam modules are somehow still a part of that old McAfee Anti Spyware Enterprise (MASE).  Assuming that someone has customized their daily pull task so that they do not constantly download modules they don't use, then in order to ensure the Anti-Spam returns you would need to edit the details of that "Server Task" to check the Site Package "Anti-Spam Engine for Windows" again.  When the update process is run, you will see the following:


            Checking in package Current\MASECORE2000\\SpamEngine\0000 complete


            At this point the Anti-Spam information has automatically been installed into the Repository.


            Obviously - to remove Anti-Spam completely (for those of us who don't use it and want to clean-up the console and pull process) - remove the modules from the Repository and then edit the daily repository pull task to uncheck the Site Package "Anti-Spam Engine for Windows".


            Thanks again!

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              No problem

              I think I may have not been clear though - there is no link between the anti-spam packages and the old MASE product. Just to clarify, they're completely unrelated - they just happen to share an acronym.


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