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    DLP v9 installation issue with SQL access

      I followed the install manual to install the product on the server, however it seems that the database user account does not have enough rights to perform the tasks as defined in the manual.


      Using the test web page I had to add access for the account to have SELECT access to the DLP_Scores table to pass a test, Now it requires SELECT access on 'DLP_EventViewColumns'

      table to pass the RSS Feed test.

      Launching the DLP tool inside of EPO, and running the initialization wizzard, it does not complete due to lack of access to DLP_sp_PolicyInfo stored procedure, and now it also needs access to DLP_sp_AddMember.


      I'm stopping here with the install. Obviously the install guide does not completely document what access to grant to the database account. And when it says "Typically, an account with the minimal permissions to run WCF is created. Use this task to create such an account", Is not correct or I am somehow not using it correctly.



      Where can I find the complete documentation on how to setup and provide access to this SQL user ID ?



      my EPO and SQL db are installed on the same test server

      SQL version is 2008 R2 EE and EPO is v4.5.0 build 937