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    SNMP V3 on enterprise firewall

      We have configured McAfee firewalls in a high availability cluster to use SNMP V3. We have configured the management station with an SNMP V3 test poll so we can check the passwords and encryption status of the agent. The NMS successfully polls both the active and standby firewalls. When the management station polls using SNMP V2c everything looks ok. When we change to use SNMP V3 one firewall continues to show green at the NMS, the other alarms and shows interfaces as being down, despite the interfaces being up in the GUI and showing as up when polled with SNMP V2. We get the same problem on two pairs of firewalls, on one pair, the standby shows interfaces down, and on the other pair, the active firewall shows interfaces down.



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      The version running is 70102 on all the firewalls



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