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    McAgent.exe memory leak - known issue?

      I'm starting this new thread because input on this issue has got caught up in another thread about McShield.exe  and is in danger of getting buried.

      McAgent.exe is leaking. Every time I check mail throught OE, memory usage increases, to the point where I have to shut down the process at least once a day to prevent it from slowing down my entire computer.  McAfee knows about this issue but are not prioritizing it - presumbably because there are more pressing problems.

      Anyone else having the same issue, please post here. We need to get something done about this and only relentless pressure from as many users a spossibly with this problem will have any effect.



      UPDATE: A fix for this issue will begin rolling out automatically to everyone on 9/7/2010.



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          me too


          have real time scanning turned off now as computer is basically useless while checking for mail which it does every minute.

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            Yes, as I wrote in the prior thread, I have the same problem, which started only after the April update. The high memory seems to be triggered by Outlook Express checking email.


            It has been suggested that one temporary work-around is to increase the time period for OE to check for new mail.  This is not acceptable to me, as there are times when an incoming email needs an immediate response. Instead,  I have used one of the other poster's workarounds, which is to uninstall McAfee completely and use a different AV program.  I will watch the forum for developments and then take up the issue of a refund or subscription extension if and when the issue is resolved.  If things continue on this pace, that might be years away.

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              Glad someone is bringing this issue up.  It's not just OE that causes a problem either.  I have Thunderbird and have seen the memory user in mcagent.exe grow to over 2.5GB.  I just shut down Thunderbird and the memory is released.  Not a good work around in my opinion since it's not really on my mind to shut down apps to recover memory.  I'm just try to work and after a while I notice my workstation is getting slow and I check the memory use and sure enough mcagent has consumed nearly all my memory again.  You'd think they put a little bit more a of a priority on fixing this bush league bug.

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                I have the issue too, but I don't want to spend time duplicating the info from the other thread here. I'm just trying to get the count up. I had stated in the other thread that Thunderbird demonstrated the problem as well as Outlook Express.


                For newcomers, the other post is http://community.mcafee.com/message/140476, but beware: it has over 350 posts and lots of information detailing the problem.

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                  Hey friends!  Fancy meeting you all here...LOL.  Ok, I've done every little tweak I can poss. imagine, changing the priority on all mcafee .exe's and mcagent.exe hasn't gone above 350K today...however it still jumps right to 125k whenever it seems like it's bored.  I'll sit and watch it go from 1,024k to 125k - I'm going to just let it run and not end the task and see if it gets up to a million.  Just jumped from 1,024 to 126,412.  Sad really, but whatever.  Ok, I'll keep you informed.  Later all!

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                    Thanks Opunwide - good idea. Thanks Pete. I've shut down McAgent.exe once already today - it was up around 550,000 this morning. I'm checking every 5 minutes.

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                      Hey all. The best workaround for this is to change your email client to check for messages about every 10 - 15 minutes. This will ensure you're still protected, but improve the system performance while we get a solution for you.


                      Also, when you're through using the computer for the night, go ahead and tell it to restart. If you don't leave your email client open, the computer should run normally.

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                        Here's an idea.  Why don't they allow all of the Virus Updates and allow us to use McAfee 9 programming software.  It had no issues as far as I'm concerned - never had an issue w/it period!  The only hog memory-wise I had at that time was Photoshop CS4 - The user interface on 9 was much easier to navigate then this latest update anyway.  Whoever passed the new look for McAfee 10 must have been related to the CEO - sorry, it's just the way I feel.  Not user friendly whatsoever!

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