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    Detections not being reported to EPO DB


      I am currently working on a monitoring project for one of our Enterprise Clients.   I have set up a virtual environment using –

      1.      One EPO 3.6.1 Server running on Windows 2003 R2 SP2 (MEM01)

      2.      One Domain controller running Windows 2003 R2 SP2 (DC01)

      3.      One Windows XP workstation running SP3. (WRK01)

      Each of the servers and the workstation have the EPO Agent Version installed and the VScan client running DAT 6048, Scan engine 5400.1158 and HotFix Version 8.   They are all reporting in EPO and I am able to schedule tasks to run dat updates etc on all the clients. I can see from the Agent logs everything appears to be communicating ok,  I have attached the logs from the agent on the workstation and domain controller.

      However,  when I simulate a virus event by using EiCar or TryGuard.   The AV client detects the files as viruses and reports it on screen to the user.   I also have notification rule to send events via email to one of my administrator accounts.   Each time I use EiCar I see the email sent to the account with a record of the detection.   But I don't see any of the events being recorded in the EPO database.   When I run a query using native SQL tools or the EPO reports/queries  I can't see of the virus events.    My detection reports so zero detections.

      For the Database I have tried using SQL installation that comes with EPO 3.6.1 and accepted all the defaults.   I have also installed EPO on a SQL 2000 database but I get exactly the same problem.


      Does anyone have any ideas?