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    Pre-boot Environment not loading on Dell E6410


      We've been using EEPC for a couple of years now with Dell laptops, however, we're now experiencing a very annoying problem on the Latitude E6410.



      We have the BIOS set to ATA mode, as we had with the E6400.

      However, some (not all) of the E6410 laptops we've deployed encryption to aren't loading the pre-boot environment.

      You get the progress bar pop up, but this gets to about an inch of progress before stopping.

      IF we reinstall windows and re-apply the encryption software, the same thing happens.

      We even tried swapping the hard disk with another E6410 that was working. Initially, the problem moved with the hard disk, before then happening on both systems. Swapping the hard disks back didn't help, so then two laptops were at fault rather than just one.


      Admittedly, we're running 5.1.9, but can't see that being a contributory factor, since all the E6410 laptops we've deployed to are running the same version, and its currently less than half experiencing the problem... although i have heard that more are "developing" the issue.


      I realise we need to upgrade to 5.2.5 anyway at some point, and if that will fix this, then great, but are there any other suggestions as to what to try ?

      We have logged a call with McAfee support, but thought i'd post here incase other people were having/had experienced the same sort of issue.


      thanks in advance


      Matt W.

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