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    VSE8.7 Patch3 - Getting mcscript_inuse.exe @ 100% CPU on numerous machines

      We have an estate of around 3000 workstations and 550 servers.

      A recent upgrade from VSE8.5 to VSE8.7 (Patch 3) seems to have introduced an issue with mcscript_inuse.exe hogging 100% of the CPU on some of these systems.

      As it stands, some of these machines have had the process at 100% for almost 3 hours straight.


      I have seen a number of threads on different sites (including this one) that highlight various scenarios that could potentially cause this issue, however they all seem to refer to problems with previous versions of VSE and the McAfee Agent (we're running Agent v4.5.0 on all our machines except those running Win2k - which are all on Agent 3.6.0)

      So far, i've only found systems with the 4.5.0 Agent that are experiencing the issue.


      Any ideas?




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