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    CRC Error in Wintech


      OS crashed on one system. and while i m trying to recover data... through wintech facing below problems.


      1. in new wintech eepc5+v7 which i made with files copeid from CTO Gone wild.

      a. I am able to authenticate and authorize
      b. But when i click on A43 file manage manage utiliy. its not opening.
      c. Command prompt also do not gives cursor.
      Note: B & C works with same wintech CD on other encrpyted machines except this.


      Simon: I saw Problem with A43 file manage utility in new Wintech on many machines. not sure why its happening.


      2. OLD WIntech XP Based. made with the help of Making rescue CD documents.

      a. I am able to autheticate and autorize
      b. in A43 file management utility it was showing all data.
      c. But when I tried to copy the data after 40-50% data recovery. for other data its givin CRC error.


      Any sugguestion