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    Some components of Active Shield are.......message at start up.

      I recently had such a bad virus, malware, spyware and junk all of a sudden on my PC and I'm ok at cleaning them out but this was bad.  I have McAfee,spybot, adaware and then downloaded 3 others to clean my PC then I stopped .exe of something and crashed it on top of all that.  So basically I had to reinstall my OS with help from Dell.  My computer is 5 years old and came with McAfee and I kept it ever since.  The tech said to reinstall McAfee using the reinstall disc.  I did and I for got what a pain Privacy Center was and I kept getting a message to sign in and then I saw I can't get on any webpage because it says it is blocked.  Any webpage (dell, mcafee, yahoo) and I couldn't find how to stop that.  Under Privacy Center (or whatever it was called) it didn't say there was anything blocked in the blocked list.  There was also no uninstall under add and delete programs for Privacy Center (only security center).  So I uninstalled the security center which was ok because it wasn't fully updating because it said it was an old discontinued version.  Then I went into safe mode and deleted the folder for the Privacy center ( MPC or MPS folder I think it was) and that fixed the webpages and I don't have to log in.  I went to Mcafee to log in, went to my licenses page and on the right downloaded what looks like the latest version of Security Center for that license.  Now it is fully updated and looks fine.  Finally, to get the to point, when I restart my PC or turn it on I get a rectangle message that is titled McAfee Virus Scan and below says Some components of Active Shield are either missing or might not have been properly installed.  Then it just has you click OK.  This is left over from the old version of security center and there must be a file(s) that need to be deleted to get rid of this message.  But where?  Right now it looks like I have Security Center 10 which is the latest I think.

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          Peter M

          It sounds very much like there is a mixture of old and new applications competing with each other.


          Go to Control Panel/Add or remove Programs (XP), Programs/Uninstall a Program (Vista/Windows 7) and uninstall all McAfee items, reboiot if asked to.


          Then run the MCPR removal tool listed under Useful Links at the top of this page.  Reboot.


          Reinstall form your online account and if you wish use the Custom option when that menu presents itself in order to only install components that you want.


          You don't need Parental Controls (a.k.a. Privacy Service) unless you have kids and you need to prevent them accessing the web at certain times.

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            Good Call.  I uninstalled everything I could find.  Under add and remove programs there was only Security Center there to uninstall.  Nothing else having to do with McAfee.  Even after it uninstalled everything, after rebooting the message still came up.  There were still some folders in Program Files that didn't get uninstalled or actually deleted.  So I had to remove those manually.  Also did a windows files and folders search for McAfee and just a task file wasn't deleted so I went there to delete that.  Rebooted, came back online and downloaded the removal tool.  Ran it and it said it was sucessful and prompt to reboot.  As it was running the command prompt was going on and off so I guess it had to go thru that to remove hidden files.  After reboot it worked fine.  I even did a complete shut down then start up and no message.  Now I have to ge back and download from my account Security Center.  I'll do a complete install.  I really don't think I'll have a problem.  Thanks.

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              Ex-Brit, I am sorrry that you had to leave the Mcshield thead, I really appreciated your responses and the fact that you were staying with us through the process.  You are a very valuable resource and I can see from your responses on this and other threads you are very knowledgeable.  I think what most of the dissenters are not understanding is that Mcshield, Mcagent and the svhost.exe file problems associated with mcafee programs have now been exposed in all of the MS environmnets XP to Win7 that the developers have to find the common threads and I know it takes time, especially when some people know what they are talking about and others do not, or are not as confident.  I myself have been involved with computers since 1973, when my high school was one of the first schools to hook up with Dartmouth college.  I am not an expert but do understand and appreciate all of the advancements that the computer age has brought to us.

              Again know that you are appreciated by me and I am sure many others out there

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                Peter M

                I'm still watching it actually.  I didn't have the heart to actually pull the plug, but unfortunately I get out of my depth when I can't find answers readily - fortunately Somer has come to the rescue and I wont be posting again there.  Unlike you I'm a relative newcomer to computers....2001 when I got my first one (XP) and all I've learned is usually the hard way, by experiencing it myself.


                In so many case these malfunctions and irritations are initiated by clashing software or unwise use (any use...?!?) of registry cleaners and/or optimizers.. or even infection or a non-updated OS.  But in the case of mcshield, mcagent etc. ... who knows?