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    Just In Time Debugging and Redirects

      I have a virus on my computer and cannot get rid of it. A just in time debugging window pops up and my search engines redirect. I have downloaded Spyware Dr. and Malwarebytes and it will not clean it. I have also gone into my Regedit and set my JIT Debug value to 0 per this community. Still I can't get rid of it. If I clean my computer in or out of safe mode it will go away for awhile but the redirects stay. Then eventually the Just in time debugging window pops up again and usually other virus' come with it. My Securtiy will block and clean all the "baggage", but not the Just In Time Debugging and Redirects. Any help will be appreiciated! I also went into tools and advanced options and disabled Script Debgging and Script Degging Internet. I still have a problem. Thanks