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    Uninstall/reinstall McAfee temporarily fixes file associations with DDE


      More than a month ago we started having problems on one computer: 1) clicking on a hyperlink in Outlook Express resulted in the link opening in the browser after a long delay or never, 2) clicking on a DOC file in Explorer resulted in Word opening after a long delay and the document never opening in Word, 3) Inserting a USB flash drive resulted in the contents opening for view in Explorer after a long delay.


      Everything else on the computer seemed fine.


      It also seems to be a software problem, since (at least the first time I checked) everything worked fine in Safe Mode.


      I understood all of these problems to be related to the mechanisms of file associations using DDE.  Though not all file associations were broken.  I forget which ones worked (XLS, PDF, WAV?), but some of them did.


      When the problem first appeared more than a month ago, I fixed the problem by uninstalling McAfee, running the MCPR (McAfee Consumer Product Removal) utility, then reinstalling McAfee.


      When the problems recurred late week, I did the same, then tested that the problems had gone away.  But here now, after just a day or so of normal behavior, it's all back.


      Anyone know what's going on?