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    Using WinTech for EEPC v5

      Hi guys


      We've just started putting v5 in our community as an upgrade to our existing v4 estate. To start with, I've just provided our engineers with the SafeTech utility for v5 while I work through the WinTech possibilities to discover how powerful a tool this might be.


      I'm finding it all a little unclear. So a few questions:


      What exactly does "Mount SBFS as a Drive" do? I tried it, mounted it as F:, and the then used WinTech System Tools>A43 File Management Utility  to look at the machines file structure. Sure enough, there is F: with a load of SB Files and folders there. Interesting I thought, not much use to a Desktop Engineer doing an Emergency Boot or Decrypt, so I came out of there, exited Wintech and found now the machine won't boot "Error, unable to mount SBFS". Oooops...... Did I do something wrong? And also, just after that I notice that any attempts to now authenticate using SBFS result in "Error 0050020 Unable to open the client data store".


      And the re-write MBR thing looks interesting. In v4 I can remember on a few occasions that if we had an unencrypted SB install, we could do an FDISK /MBR and it would, sometimes, have the effect of removing the SB installation. Is this what this option is for in the Wintech recovery?


      And finally, the most compelling reason to use Wintech is the ability for an engineer to boot up to the disc, authenticate using either SDB file or user's credentials (if known), and then pull off all the customer files in an unencrypted state. A lot quicker than a full removal when the OS is broken. But....how exactly is this done? That process doesn't seem too clear...



      Ah...one last thing actually. The guide seems to talk in terms of booting Wintech from CD and then having the SDB file on a USB stick. Is it not possible to boot Wintech from the same USB? Our engineers carry sticks around and if they could do the full wintech recovery from a single USB stick they'd be most pleased.





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          You probably did a few more things, which caused disk corruption. Try to repeat the same on a test machine and post exact, minimal sequence of steps to reproduce it.


          MBR operations can restore pre-EEPC copy of MBR or rewrite MBR with EEPC-enabled one. It has nothing to do with removing encryption from a disk itself, so one needs to be careful.


          WinTech utility alows encrypted disk to be mounted (that is different from mounting SBFS). In that state you can run disk imaging utilities to take clear text image of a disk (as a backup) or use some other tools (including backup tools) to transfer data to a network share.


          Running WinTech from bootable WinPE CD is standard. If you can accomplish the same by boting from USB that's great. But won't be supported.

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            Hmmm, well actually, Mount SBFS as file system was pretty much the first thing I did on this particular machine. Will rebuild and try again. The only thing interesting to note about the machine is that it was unencrypted and using the default user account for all our installs, prior to registering them to a specific account. Wonder if that could have had anything to do with it.


            Thanks for the tips, will have another play. Seems like a very cool tool.

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              Out of interest, where would you use the option to set the MBR to the pre-EEPC? I mean, a full removal will remove the boot protection anyway right? Provided you set the object in the database to 'remove' once SB is decrypted by wintech

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                If you perform remove EEPC, but MBR is stuck with EEPC enabled. To force EEPC MBR removal you may need to use that option.