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    ERROR: McTray.exe



      I installed the new version of Agent (version 4.5) on some workstations, and I verified that in the end of installation appear an error, McTray.exe error.


      I was research a solution and I found in McAfee support.


      We need, first, install Patch 3 of VirusScan Enterprise 8.7 and next install Agent 4.5.


      My doubt is, how do this in ePO 4.5? First install Patch 3 and next Agent 4.5, because some workstations can receive first Agent 4.5 and next Patch 3, and in this situation appear the error.


      There is any option in ePO 4.5 to obligate workstations first install the patch 3 and next Agent 4.5?


      Thank You