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    VSE 8.7i Access protection disabled.

      Dear Forum,


      Have installed VSE8.7i + Antisppyware, but for quite some time after the automatic updates, the Access protection, buffer overflow and On-Access scanner gets disabled all by itself.


      Have checked for any virus with Stinger, Malwarebytes and Spybot and the results are negative.

      Have uninstalled all Mcafee products and cleaned by MCPR and reinstalled the product. but stays good for one day and gets disabled the very next day and stays that way.

      could anyone provide any help.

      WinXP SP2, MS Office 2003, 512 RAM.

      Thanks and regards.

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          You don't say which build of VSE 8.7i you're using, but the issue you describe was a "feature" of the original version of 8.7i.


          Do you have Patch 3 installed?  And are you installing the Patch 3 repost of VSE 8.7?




          P.S.  You need to do something about that XP SP2, as SP2 is no longer supported.  Please get SP3 on your boxes ASAP.



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            PLEASE NOTE: The MCPR.exe tool is for McAfee Consumer Product Removal only and should not be employed on corporate machines.



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              I'm sure we'd all love a Corporate Product version of MCPR (hint, hint).


              You could even call it MCPR (McAfee Corporate Product Remover)!


              From what I recall, current MCPRs refuse to work against Corporate products.



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                - I am just making sure on the MCPR front.

                - A corporate removal tool to remova all/any McAfee products is a complicated matter due to the range of products we would need to cater for. The matter of product specific removal tools has been raised and has our attention. I will post news as it becomes available.



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                  From my experience, the old MCPR which did remove the Corporate products was fine when only AV was installed.


                  I wouldn't want to run it where Endpoint Encryption is installed, for example (though, hanging head in shame, I did once. PC still worked but did have to repair the Safeboot Client on that box. Never again.)


                  However I've only ever used it to remove AV prior to an immediate reinstall on otherwise completely broken installs.


                  An AV product removal tool which didn't rely on Microsoft Installer working correctly would be a very useful tool, however.


                  In the original poster's case, MCPR was used prior to a reinstall, so it shouldn't have done too much damage.



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                    Greetings of the day.

                    thanks a lot for your reply.

                    have installed VSE8.7i with patch 2 and updated with patch 3.

                    The problem occurs when avdats are updated.