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    Is nps.exe a trojan or virus?

      Hello, 3 days ago, my internet was shut down by comcast for abuse. I have comcast cable, I called the security number and was told that i had several complaints, of course they wouldnt tell me by whom or what. They asked me to run a security scan which I did and McAfees found 2 trojans which were quarantined. Ok, sounding good here, comcast turned me back on saying that was probably the reason i was reported for abuse (a trojan spamming from my computer) I did some reading and also have been told by friends that nps.exe is a malware trojan and strongly say it should be removed from my computer. I checked my task manager and sure enough its running. It will not allow me to remove it and when i try and end the process, it comes right back on. I have ran 3 Mcaffee full scans, it says my comp is clean. I also ran the home page Mcafee scan they provide, and it also says clean. So, is nps.exe dangerous and if so, how do I remove it from my computer? Thank you