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    uninstall and install of McAfee

      I found a McAfee distributor seeing McAfee Internet Security 2010 selling at a cheaper price (1/2 the price advertise here). However, in order to enjoy this price, need to re-install and installed yearly .

      Hence, this would slow down the system as mcafee will not be able to uninstall all the components, claim by the sale guy.


      So it best to renew the licence instead of uninstall and install a new copy of McAfee. Is that true?

      Is there any why to uninstall McAfee cleanly?


      Thanks in advance. Need your help here as i a PC illiterate.



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          Peter M

          Assuming this ia the home product we are talking about you can use the MCPR product removal tool listed HERE and that will remove all remnants of anything "McAfee" as long as no Enterprise (Business - Corporate) software is involved.


          Be careful that this version you are looking at is genuine...i.e. the seller is legitimate.   That said it's good to shop around as prices vary wildly.  Even McAfee themselves are sometimes cheaper than retail when they have special offers going.


          Online subscriptions with McAfee have the advantage of being continuous as long as you renew you shouldn't ever need to uninstall anything under normal circumstances.

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            Peter M

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