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    VirusScan 2010  autoupdates

      Since I installed VirusScan 2010 I no longer see any autoupdates taking place like I always did under VirusScan 2009 as soon as my 56K modem connected to the internet.  (yes, I have autoupdates on).  I changed the auto update option to download and notify to be sure, and there are no notifications as if there are no updates available.  Yet if I manually check for updates, they are found and installed (which I have started doing each time before I disconnect from the internet).  Is there some hang up with dialup connections?

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          I have a dial-up connection and I am having the same issues. I have had this problem since June. I used to get auto updates everyday, then I started getting them every other day and this week, I went five days without getting an auto update. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I wasn't going to get an auto update so I manually checked and installed the updates. Mcafee doesn't seem to think there is a problem with their auto updates despite the fact that a few people have complained about this in other threads. I guess this problem is never going to be fixed and we are going to have to check for updates manually on a daily basis.

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            When I do the update manually, it says that the next update will be at certain time, which of course, is not a time that I will be online.  I wonder what would happen if I was actually connected at that time ( which can be VERY difficult if it is 2AM).

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              You should probably check for updates tomorrow, that is what I plan on doing. I didn't get an auto update today (not surprised) but I will wait until tomorrow to check because they are not always available for some strange reason.

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                Went online for a half hour this AM and no autoupdate happened.  Then I manually checked for updates, and the update was found and applied.

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                  My understanding of the auto update issue is that every 4 hours the software will check for updates and will attempt to download them if the settings box is ticked to allow that to occur. This is of course contingent on the computer being turned on and not being used at the time this is to occur. If there are updates available at that time then this should proceed as it is designed to do. If there are none then nothing will take place at this time and the clock will start ticking till the next time that it will check for updates. Sometimes they issues updates a couple of times a day and at staggered time throughtout the day. I cannot remember when there was not at least one update in the day but that is possible and I think that rarely happens with the way all of this virus and malware is being circulated. You can of course check for updates any time you choose as you have already mentioned.


                  If you want further clarification on this, maybe Peacemaker or ExBrit will chime in and offer additional information that I may not be aware of. You can of course contact Technical Support Chat located in Useful Links at the top of this page. They should be able to address this concern as well.

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                    I have asked a question about this in our weekly Monday's conference call agenda.  However, often you will find an update faster than the automatic function if you physically tell the application to look for them.   Are you absolutely sure that notifcations are not appearing at all even though set to do so or are you just not waiting long enough for it to take its course?  Or am I reading this  issue incorrectly?


                    The updates are much more "silent" with this version than the previous one.



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                      Autoupdate option is indeed set to "Download updates but notify me before installing."  Proof of the pudding is that when I manually check for updates, the update is downloaded and then I receive a notification that an update has been down loaded and is ready to be installed.  When I OK it, the install procedes.  I never get any other notifications.  Also the new tray icon does show a small rotating circle when an update is in progress, which on a 56K line is for several minutes and very viewable.


                      The product is McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010, home 1-user, retail pack.


                      PS.  Since I connect for about only 20 minutes each time per day, having the code check at a particular time is unworkable.

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                        Yes, the notification pop-up seems to be malfunctioning on mine too as I can't recall seeing it in days.   I'm making this a topic for our call as I previously stated.



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                          Correction, it's working now.

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