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    False Positive: asc-setup.exe file being detected by McAfee SiteAdvisor

      Dear McAfee,

      Please inform this issue to the person who concerns as it is a top urgent issue.

      Your program McAfee SiteAdvisor(version: reports our program Advanced SystemCare setup file asc-setup.exe as Potentially Dangerous Download Detected!.

      This is absolutely a false positive. Our program is high-tested, absolutely without any virus, spyware or any other threats.  asc-setup.exe is a new improved version of our long-exist program Advanced SystemCare. This is a new released version of the Advanced SystemCare.

      Please help us to solve this issue as soon as possible. The following picture is the False Report for your further investigation.

      The following is the download link for the false reported file asc-setup.exe.

      http://download.cnet.com/3001-2086_4-10407614.html?spi=a28ceef20471de57dc6f13fc6 87fe81a&part=dl-6271865


      False Report.gif

      Thanks in advance.





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