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    Problems with SBDBMGR.DLL not updating on V4 - V5 Upgrade

      Already posted this a while back but the thread was really two problems in one at that time so confusing.


      We are upgrading a large number of v4.2.15 clients to v5.2.2. It's going pretty well, with the exception of a few Emergency Boot's required here and there and one unfortunate user who lost battery power on a laptop at the exact moment upgrade was being delivered and was left in a wierd limbo of v4 and v5 when it came to trying SafeTech recovery. But I digress...


      A number of machines don't upgrade properly. That is to say they download all the v5 client files successfully (SCMLOG confirms this) and then after reboot, sbclientmanager.exe won't run. On investigation, it is found to be because SBDBMGR is still v4.2.15.


      Now we've put in place the AV exclusions recommended by the Mcafee EKB but we still see the problem. And it always seems to be this particular DLL.


      I'm not really sure what I can test / check / monitor during an upgrade to diagnose this one. Any suggestions welcome.


      We don't have System Restore switched on for these machines by the way.

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