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    mcscan32.dll error in "command line scanner"




      if I run the "command line scanner" V6 after booting from the "Ultimate Boot CD (for Windows XP)" I get an error

      "mcscann32.dll has faild its integrity check". If I run the "command line scanner" (the same files)

      on "normal XP Prof" I get no error. I use the latest DAT-files with the "command line scanner".


      In all cases I start the "command line scanner" from a CMD-Window using "scan.exe /ADL".

      After appearing of the error the scann starts. Can I ignore this error?


      The VER(sion) of the CMD box of the "Ultimate Boot CD" is "Microsoft Windows XP - Version 5.1.26002".



      Thank you for help,


      Regards Janni