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    How can I modify OpenLDAP query, to access Novell`s eDIR?

      Configuring an LDAP access (OpenLADP) to Novell`s eDIR.
      LDAP Server works fine, User Access (User,Passwort,ssl PORT) works fine.

      Test Connection replies: 'Unable to read attribute 'entryUUID' from the LDAP server. Verify the user has the required permissions.'

      Using wrong password the test replies: 'Unable to authenticate with the LDAP server. Verify the username and password are correct.'

      Using java based LDAP Browser/Editor, i can not see attribute 'entryUUID', Using Imanger viewing eDIR Schema i also cannot see this attribute.

      How can i modify the query or using 'eDIR attributes' of ePO4.5 Server ?
      Which attributes are needed (AD / eDIR)  ?

      any idea’s ?? documents????

      ePO 4.0 SP 7
      McAfee Agent for Windows 4.5
      McAfee Agent for Linux 4.5
      VSE 8.5i
      VSE 8.7i
      LinuxShield 1.6
      GroupShield for Exchange 6.03
      GroupShield for Exchange 7.01
      GroupShield for Exchange 7.02 (Exchange 2010, eval)
      HIP 7 SP7

      ePO 4.5 SP7 (eval)
      DLP Suite (eval)

      primary Directory Services provides by Novell`s eDIR (Usermanagement und Application- and Work-Groupmanagement).
      Using AD only for Exchange.
      all Windows Workstations are member of eDIR.

      configured McAfee Agent will be distributed by ZENWorks (initial installation).


      thankx mas59