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    release schedule


      is there a time frame or schedule for the release of 6.1 ? im doing a proof of concept for a client, and so far version 6 is what he wants. Since there is no rush to do this, i will recommende that he waits at least for 6.1.  So far the test goes well, but even then there is quirk here and there. Also , in this version, what is the encryption rate. How long for, let say 250gig hd ?



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          End of this year probably, and the encryption rate depends on the disk and motherboard - if it has AES-NI onboard it could be 2-4x faster than if not, the speed of the disk can also make 1-2x difference.


          60GB/h is about average though for small drives, but large ones can go much faster. It will be as fast as, or up to 4x faster than v5 depending on AES-NI though.