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    Centralized users passwords? Reset a user pwd?


      Hi guys

      i came from safeboot 5.1 to EE 6.1 and i have doubs (sorry for my english):




      - with Safeboot: users created on safeboot db. One user can be assigned to 2 or more pcs. It means same user with the same pwd can succesfully logon on those pcs.


      - with Endpoint Encryption. Users retrieved from AD and assigned to one pc. On this pc we initially logon with the default 12345 pwd and than change it. If i add the same user to another pc, it cannot use the previously changed pwd but it has to repeat the 12345 procedure. Result: potentially the same user on 2 or more pcs with different passwords.


      Hope to have been clear.


      I wouldn like to use SSO because i have a pwd sync software alredy installed.


      And again...if a user forgot his pwd how can i do a reset?


      Many thanks!!!

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