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    new security center problems

      Hi,I have just been upgraded to 2010 in the last few days after computer problems.After my computer was running properly again i uploaded Mcafee and recieved my 2010.As most of you know this interface takes a little getting used to.First i have to say i don`t understand the firewall area at all.

      When i set it up i left it on default.But after reading a little further it says outgoing as (recommended) setting.I changed to outgoing and aplied.None of the settings took effect.Also i noticed that enable protection on start up is not checked when i log in.Which is extremely bothersome, since i have still to figure out why i am recieveing windows action center alerts that all of my mcafee items are turned off.Also firewall says i have 62 program permissions

      but i only see about 24.I`m not even going to get into site advisor right now which is failing also.I believe the other questions are more important for now.As i read more and more websites and the forums here. I can`t fathom the thought that i can not recieve a security product that works properly.

      I think as a costumer i have been more then patiant.I have been through this since installing Mcafee on my new computer.I am now on my 2nd hard drive and newer version of Mcafee 2010 which i paid for.Still the problems continue.Any help please.              Jack

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          Any one know any of the answers to my problems?    

                                                                                   Thanks Jack

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            Still waiting for reply on this.If anyone that has windows 7 with Mcafee 2010 could let me know is there a long pause before the Windows action center flag appears on your task bar?Mine is set to show but does`nt show up for awhile.If i do a search for action center after logging in It shows as all Mcafee products are turned off.Eventually it corrects itself.But I feel the computer should be protected on start up.

                                                                                                                Thanks Jack