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    Reinstalling Epo 4.5 in a new drive


      Hi All,


      We have an epo 4.5 in C:, we need to move to D: due space problems, at fresh installation everything is working but when i restore the original DB, the following error appear:




      - I have been check the https://<servername>/core/config and the DB connection is OK

      - I have been read KB´s about reinstalling but all is in the same drive.

      - I have a question about if in any table inside DB is redirecting to the original installation (C:)


      Any idea?



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          This normally indicates some kind of Sql connectivity issue.

          Take a look at KB66166. The article isn't directly related but it does tell you how to check the db.properties file for ePO and the Sql port configuration.


          Perhaps that will help.





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            There are definately issues with installing to a different directory and then restoring the DB.  Once place I know for sure would need to be changed is

            Program Files\McAfee\ePolicy Orchestrator\Server\conf\orion\orion.properties


            There are two lines in that file that list where the extension folders are located which would need to be modified






            If you still have issues let me know as I've been doing lots of restore testing involving this sort of thing...



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              Rob the connectivity is fine, that file is ok in parameters

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                Thats my scenario:


                • Original Epo 4.5 patch 3 is in drive C: with Windows 2003 sp2 server 32 bits database is local with sql 2005 express


                And we need to migrate to another server and to move the database to another sql server:


                • New Epo 4.5 patch 3 is in drive D: with windows 2003 R2 SP2 server 64 bits, the database is in another SQL 2008 Server 32 bits


                Your recommendation does not apply since i have a fresh installation and that file (orion.properties) is pointing to the new drive extension.install.dir=E\:/PROGRA~1/McAfee/EPOLIC~1/server/extensions/installed. I think is any value in the database pointing to the old path, but i have been checked all the tables inside the db, but cant find anything. If i restore the new db Epo is working fine.

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                  I forgot to mention the new server has the same name and the same ip address in a virtual environment with vmware ESX.

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                    I too have been trying to move an ePO installation. I found these 2 KB's that may help. The first is KB51438 for ePO 4.0, but it makes a note to say that "You must reinstall  ePO to the exact same directory path as the previous  installation, otherwise initialization of extensions will fail when the  restore (of the database) is complete." After that though KB68427 says that a move of the SQL database is possible with version 4.5.


                    So it seems that it may not be possible to change the install directory if a restore is to done. After the restore to the original directory it is possible to move the database.


                    I know this isn't exactly what you need, just trying to help.





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                      I was assuming that you were restoring certain folders from the old server to the new server as detailed in some of the KB's that Rtasselmyer77 posted.  If you had replaced those folders then the orion.properties file would have still been referencing the C drive location for your extensions.  You really should be restoring those files because there could be other reference points as well as a mismatch in extensions that will cause failures.  The restore process I am dealing with is somewhat different as well because our servers are clustered and epo then installs what is normally in t he Server folder to the bin/Server location.  This will cause issues if you do not install in the same manner when restoring.



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                        Just to bring back a question/ issue. I have to move from a 4.0 server local sql express to a 4.5 server on a different machine and a different drive. What would be the best way to do this ?


                        I`ve got many knowledge base article but nothing that clearly suggest anything.

                        what i would like to do:


                        backup 4.0 server fully

                        shut down physical server.


                        boot up vm, same name , same ip, same dns has the old one

                        install 4.0 same patch level on the same drive ( c: )

                        upgrade to 4.5

                        backup databse.

                        unintall 4.5 from c drive

                        uninstall sql express from c drive

                        install sqlexpress on d drive.  ( sql can be on the c drive, it`s just the database that must be on the d drive )

                        install 4.5 on d drive

                        restore the databse from the backup.


                        Is all that possible ? Am i getting to complicated for nothing ?


                        If it`s just a matter of changing the path in a config file, that would be cool. Or just to re-check the extension of the manage product



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                          Maybe I am simplifying things a little too much, but usually it's the database that eats up drive space--not the ePO server applications.


                          Would moving just the database files make enough space for you to get moving again?

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