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    Vitual Technician not working


      Virtual Technician not working.   Getting message "MVT cannot continue until you have rebooted your PC to finish your McAfee Virtual Technician product upgrade.  MTV will resume after you reboot your PC.


      Well, guess what?  I  have rebooted my PC at least six times with the same message.  When I try MVT from the McAfee site, I get the same message.  I have twice uninstalled and then re-installed MVT, but get the same message.


      The on-line chat was useless.   I reported the MVT problem and the problem that scheduled scans were not working.  The on-line chat person could not seem to understand what I was typing in plain English.   After giving the chat person remote access to my computer, I still have no idea what she was doing or why.  I don't know if scheduled scans are working or not as I have been scanning manually.   The problem with MVT was never addressed.   After more than an hour of this farce, the chat person signed off with a find how-do-you-do.


      My sucscription to McAfee is scheduled to be renewed by the end of this month but I am thinking about moving on to something else.  I can't take the uncertaintly of McAfee actually doing what it is supposed to do.


      How do I get some real assistance with this?


      ninstalled and then re-installed MVT now at 3x.



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