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    auto update

      I recentry purchased a new Acer laptop with the option of a trial instalation of Mcafee security suit.I am impressed with this security system but now the auto update does not function,if I use the the manual update I am informed that I am up to date even though there has been no update of files for a least  3 days.If this problem cannot be resolved I will not be able to continue using Mcafee security and I shall have to install another security system.I have Winndows 7 on my laptop.


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          Since I posted my question about 2 hours ago aprox I  just checked Mcafee Security Suit and lo and behold my antivirus definitions have been updated to the latest.I am amazed.


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            Hi Neil,

            Automatic updates do not always appear to start when scheduled. This is by design. McAfee has changed the way automatic updates start to prevent your computer from launching an update while you are using it, which could cause performance to be slower than desired.


            And for additional inforamtion , When the scheduled time for an update occurs, McAfee SecurityCenter begins to monitor your computer for activity. If no keyboard or mouse activity occurs for 10 minutes, SecurityCenter then monitors for CPU usage. If CPU usage remains under 10% for 10 seconds, the automatic update will begin.


            Glad that you are OK now , do let us know if you need any assisstance.




            Dinesh K
            McAfee Online Community Moderator

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              Hello- I just saw , after a scan was finished, I could see a notice that an update was coming in- after 30 minutes I shut down a bunch of programs and tried a manual update, that worked, however I noticed that my version, that I re installed last week says 10.5.178- when I was reading the past posts this is not the latest? I also was told,when the update did not install to either re install or contact you- I choose to try a manual update. is this a problem on updating ? My scanning is fine, as far as I can see I might be having an update problem- running xp media edition, sp3- using explorer 7- dell laptop Inspiron E 1505- new install about 2 months ago- Just concerned that I might not be getting updates and I want to be up to date- I am not getting updates now for over a week, I have had to put them in manually, avert e mails me daily so I know when the data files are posted- I do not understand why this is hapening= I have been running  McAfee for over 8 years, I have been a member of this community also for a long time, I have not  seen some of the problems I am reading about, I have no problem with new format- I do not want to have to uninstall and reinstall unless you tell me to-My scans are running on time, taking about 1!/2 hours to complete. Today, after avert sent me a notice on update on vs data, I waitied all day, nothing came thru, I manually updated just now after the scan was finished- it now has been a week since my updates have come in on their own.



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                I used to get auto updates everyday, then I started getting auto updates every other day. I haven't had an auto update for my DAT files since Sunday, I currently have DAT file 6040. There is definitely a problem with the auto updates and I wish someone would look into it. I am really getting frustrated with this security software because there have been several problems this year. I have been a customer for 3 years and things went smoothly for the first two years, now I am starting to wonder if this software is putting my computer at risk.

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                  I have the same problem with auto update (or lack there of) since one of my computers updated to the 2010 version.  The auto-update has not worked "automatically" since I have been using the new version requiring me to manually update.  The scheduled scan does not start automatically either.  I am rapidly losing faith in Mcafee.  The company needs to address these issues.

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                    The same here. I have to update regulary manual.

                    I hope this will be fixed in comming 2011-version (09/17/2010).

                    Regards from old Germay,


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                      Is this how auto update still works?


                      I have a 12 month trial I got from the bank website.

                      I've been wondering why mcafee doesn't seem to be auto updating so came to these forums.


                      I have the mcafee online banking suite.

                      Does auto update really only work if computer has been idle for 10 minutes?


                      Thing is I am using a laptop. I never leave it idling. If i'm not using it I either shut it down or put it to sleep.


                      To me it seems a major security risk if my anti-virus doesn't auto update because i'm actually using the laptop.


                      So can someone confirm if auto update still works like this?

                      If it does I will have to cancel the trial, uninstall and look elsewhere for anti-virus.

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                        Yes this is how it still works.Sometimes it does not update at all.So the way i have been doing updates,if I notice it has not updated.I click on icon on bottom task bar,right click icon then check for updates.Unfortunately updates and scheduled scan apparently work on the "smart timer" At least thats what I heard it is called.

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                          Ok thanks for the reply.


                          It looks like Mcafee isn't for me. An anti virus that doesn't auto update is no good. I just want to be able to trust anti-virus to stay up to date. I don't want to have to manually check for updates every couple of days.

                          It seems absolutely ridiculous that mcafee seem to think that everyone leaves their computers running all the time with long periods of idleness. Some people actually use their computer when it is switched on and don't leave it for long periods idling.

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