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    another one with McSvHost.exe problems--McAfee treats us like BP is treating the coast

      I saw the header that McAfee is well aware of the error message when you shut down McSvHost.exe--0x6280436a at reference memory 0x07d9885c. But I just want to repeat it. Maybe if enough of us scream loud enough, they'll get their sorry butts in gear and rush a fix. This has been going on for about a week. Based on the other posts, I don't know if I have the patient to chat with tech support and have them tap dance around the problem. Too bad I just bought the 2010 version, since my 2009 will expire in a week. If I had known earlier, I would have dumped McAfee. This type of arrogance is akin to BP. The oil is gushing out--we know we have a problem, but we'll take our own sweet time to plug the oil all the while the beaches are being covered in tar balls.