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    McAfee Agents Stop Reporting to ePO 4.5 Server


      Hello All,


      Few days ago, due to a power outage, my ePO server was powered down. It was up when power was restored few hours later.   Now I found that all McAfee agents stop reporting to the ePO server. The last agent report was on the day of the power outage.


      I did some debugging, including restarting ePO server,  performing agent wakeup, "collect and Send Props" from agent status monitor, restarting Mcafee and SQL 2005 services...


      All of them did not change the reporting time of agent to ePO server. What else can I do?


      Thanks in advance for help.



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          Before anything else, check on the client machines - is there anything in the agent logs that indicates why they are not communicating?

          On the server, check that the ePO services are all running correctly - if necessary restart them and make sure they restart cleanly.


          HTH -



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            I too am having the same problem... Sort of. We also had a power outage last night. When all was back up, a dozen workstations showed up in the ePO server as non-compliant.


            But, here's what's weird: All the machines ARE reporting in, but the columns for Antivirus version are BLANK. When you open up each client's information, McAfee Virusscan does not show as installed, when it DID the previous day. Also, the DAT version is wrong.


            Now, when you visit one of these workstations, McAfee Antivirus is obviously installed, working and up-to-date with the latest DAT. You run a collect and send props, a connection to the ePO server is successfully made, but the ePO STILL says they're non-compliant and no information is updated.


            Can anyone explain this?



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              Thanks Joe,

              Attached is a sample of the log from a typical client.  Essentially, client agent cannot connect to ePO server due to bad IP address in the reg.  THis results in error code

              as 2147467259.



              Did not connect to Real Server: xx.yy.tt.213 on port: 80


              Did not connect to Real Server: XXYYMNGT07.onr.navy.mil on port: 80


              Agent     Bad IP address data in the registry

              Agent     Agent communication failed, result=-2147467259


              1) can ping client from ePO server, but not to ePO server from the client.

              2) can access client from ePO server but not the other way around

                              Ex. \\clientname\c$


                              \\clientname\C$\”program files\mcafee\common framework”\


              Question:  How to find Bad IP address data in the registry?


              I also found this link for error code from the Internet. http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=814164






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                Good News.


                I was able to make agents to report to the ePO again. What happened is the my ePO server's firewall was ON. (I assume that when my ePO server came back after being down for several hours, its firewall was turned ON according my domain default GPO.)   As soon as I turned my ePO server firewall OFF and wakeup argents, agents started to report back to the ePO server.


                Thanks everyone who participated.