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    McAfee OAS enabled?

      This is my first post so don't be too harsh if this already exists...


      We are use McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.0.0 with agent 4.5 to roll out our Anti-virus on all our PCs.

      I have created a new Server which uses McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 4.5.0 and McAfee EEPC v 6.0.


      Since I have rolled out the Endpoint Encryption, under the McAfee status monitor in Windows (XP) is says under the VirusScan Enterprise option in red - McAfee OAS: enabled. See Access Protection log.

      First off, I don't know where this log is, and secondly, since I have rolled out EEPC using a newer version of ePO, has it overwritten the virus scan element of the PC? (I've only rolled this out to 1 PC) I'm afraid it has pointed the repository towards the new server and not towards the server running ePO 4.0.0.



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          Yes you are correct. The McAfee agent is now pointing at the 4.5 server, not the 4.0 server.


          You need to stick with one EPO server for production, then create some superagents etc for distribution if needed. Ideally you'd have upgraded your server prior to loading EEPC into it.

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            Thanks for that, just to clarify things a bit more:


            The Main Server is at our Central Site in London and we are a sister site in the South-East of England.  For all Anti-Virus etc, we point to their Central Server.

            If I downloaded these 'super-agents' would i be able to point to the latest DAT files on their Server?

            The one advantage it the Encryption is only being rolled out to our laptops not all our PCs, so 'Super-agents' would be ideal.  It's just just a handful of clients that have had the McAfee Agent and Repositories overwritten.


            Would you be able to point me in the direction of getting this setup please?



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              You have to use ePO 4.5 for managing EEPC 6.0. However you cannot use two ePO server for one machine at the same time. Moreover you cannot use more than one ePO server/agent handler for agent older than 4.5 and what is most important you CANNOT split management between ePO servers like you want to do (if I correctly understood) ePO architecture requires one consistent database.