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    DAT files not updating!!!

      My DAT files have not updated since Saturday. My current DAT file is 6039 when it should be 6042 by now. anyone else having this problem? Any suggestions?


      ***In MVT it tells my my DAT files are out-of-date but when it "fixes them" the DAT file is still out-of-date***

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          Try rebooting after MVT says it updated -- worked for me.

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            I'm having the same problem, my current dat is stuck at 6032 and MVT says it should be 6042, MVT then does the repair but after a few seconds the problem reappears and when I check the DAT it still says 6032 instead of 6042.Tried rebooting after running MVT again but its still the same. Is there some kind of server problem goin on on Mcafee's side cause I don't want to mess up mcafee by trying all kinda fixes only to realize it was a server problem from mcafee (its happened before if I'm not mistaken).Any solutions anyone?

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              Hey. McAfee support told me to re-install McAfee... Now I have the latest DAT file. But, if it does not update tomorrow I will assume it's a server issue... And yes McAfee has had numerous server issues over the 10 years i've used it. Then one day it eventually kicks back in... But re-installing gave me the latest DAT file, but not sure if it will pick-up on updating daily.

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                about 3 hours ago I was on a chat room sesssion with a McAfeee tech support person.

                I also still had DAT file 6040 when MVT indicated that it should be 6042.

                After about 30 minutes of doing stuff to my computer including applying a patch and resetting my internet explorer the update still was not working.

                At this point the tech determined "this is a server problem"

                When I asked when I could expect a new DAT file to download and install I was told "it(the dat file) will get updated when the server is fine"

                When I asked for a time frame I was told to try updating again in 6 hours.  That was about 3 hours ago.  But whenever something like this has happened on their end, and it has happened before they seem to always say wait 6 hours.

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                  I think that uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee is an extreme step.  Especially if it is server problem on their end.

                  Uninstalling and reinstalling not only takes time but it sometimes creates more problems that it solves.

                  But it is one way to get around the server problem and get the latest DAT file.  but until they fix the server problem you are once again stuck.

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                    yeah but I just wanted to try what she told me... My McAfee seems to be okay after re-installing. what type of issues could it have created? And yeah I know I prob. wont get the updated DAT tomorrow or until they fix it... I realized it only after I had started the re-install... Thanks for the Support!

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                      So what dat are we supposed to be at??? 6042?After months of non stop mistakes,bad servers,bad updates,ect,did anyone say when the product and servers will be finally functioning properly.

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                        Nope. They have not said when (if ever) things will be back to normal... I think the 2009 McAfee was better. I think they released this 2010 simplified version too early...

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                          Mine only just updated to 6040 a few seconds ago and if I manually check there are no updates available on the server, so I suggest that you are OK and worrying needlessly.

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