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    mfehidin.exe drivin me nuts!



      A friend asked me to take a look at her XP Pro SP2 computer after problems following an attempt to install IE8.

      I found the IE installation appeared incomplete and also that Mcafee Total Protection wouldn't run. There also various other little niggles and junk as you would expect.


      I have done some maintenance work on the PC including:


      Run malwarebytes, removed all found problems

      Re-installed IE7 and reset Settings, Now working well

      Uninstalled Mcafee (although i think i ran the MPCR tool rather than using Add/Remove Programs)

      Ran CCleaner and cleaned both Windows and Registry

      Removed unnecessary background apps

      Installed XP SP3

      Installed all Important Updates from WindowsUpdate (Kept doing this until there were no more available)


      I then tried to re-install Total Protection using the DMSetup.exe file supplied via my friend's Mcafee Account (Which incidentally says 2 or 3 licenses are used, one of which is the PC i'm working on)

      After waiting 30 mins for the 118MB to download the installation began but soon stopped with "mfehidin.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close...."


      I then ran the MPCR tool again, this also gave the same error but appeared to continue when i closed the error prompt. I rebooted and ran MPCR again in safe mode, didn't get the error. I rebooted and ran MPCR again with no error so thought perhaps i was now sorted. I then ran the Pre-install tool which finished without error.


      So i started DMSetup.exe again, (Why oh Why don't Mcafee make a full download link available so you can simply download it once, not everyone has high speed access!), half an hour later and the same error occurred again.


      Can any one shed any light on this issue. Could it be due to not uninstalling via Add/Remove programs in the 1st place? Or the fact the PC is now running XP SP3?


      Oh, i have also run the Mcafee Vitual Technician which didn't find any problems. I have attached a screenshot of the error.



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          Hi StanleyEs,

          Could you please provide the following information;

          What is the operating system of the computer ?
          How is it connected to internet (dsl/cable/wireless)
          Do we have any other security software installed in the machine ?

          Please get back with the above details , we will get this one fixed for you.


          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            It was Win XP Pro SP2 but after i had done my maintenance work i installed SP3 and all updates.

            However, since my first post i have uninstalled SP3 out of desperation, however it made no difference. I still got the same error on re-installing Mcafee.


            Connected via DSL


            I had Malwarebytes installed when i first tried to reinstall Mcafee. Since my original post i have uninstalled Malwarebytes but still got the same error.


            I have also tried it with the Windows firewall disabled, again made no difference.




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              Can not help you to the solution but I want to mention that you are not the only one who is running into this problem. The only thing I can add is that it the problem occured after the the  "infection" by Mcafee themselves. After downloading an upgade the antivisrus program deleted the SVCHOST file. The PC would not start at all. After follwoing the instructinos by Mcafee, I could get the computer running again but now with the anouncement that during runninng de mfedihin.exe file a failure occured.


              I uninstalled the antivisrus program and tried to reinstall it. But with no luck. I can't even install te antivirus program anymore.


              I hope someone can help us, on this one.

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                Hi StanleyEs,

                I have sent you an email requesting for an appointment so that we could diagnose and fix this issue for you. Please have it replied so that we could get this fixed for you.



                Dinesh K
                McAfee Online Community Moderartor