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    Security Centre Won't Stay Updated, How do I fix this?




      I am running Mcafee Security Centre version 10 with virus scan version 14 on both a Vista and XP operating system (desktop PCs) and today I am experiencing problems with both.


      They both keep saying "Your computer is at risk" and that I need to update. When I click check for updates it tells me it's downloading updates and then the board goes green and says "Your computer is secure". However, a matter of a minute or two later the board goes red again and say "Your computer is at risk" and need to update again.

      I can access Mcafee website OK and I have run a virus scan on both machines and it didn't find any problems.


      They are both currently set to download and install updates automatically and real time scanning is currently ON.


      How do I resolve this issue so that both stay updated?


      Thanks for any help.