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    VirusScan Enterprise + AntiSpyware Ent 8.7.0i and CCleaner



      I am having an issue installing/ updating to latest version of CCleaner. The only files are getting installed is language.dll and uninst.exe


      I think the root cause could be because McAfee is blocking CCleaner ?


      Note: I can't disable McAfee because company Policy.


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          Your AV admins may be blocking the install via access protection or the program may trigger as a potentially unwanted program and be removed by the on access scanner, either way you need to go back to the admins to have them exempt it from the policies, assuming they allow you to install 3rd party apps.

          It could also be triggering as a false positive for malware, but thats unlikely.


          Do you have access to the virusscan enterprise console on the PC so you can check the logs and find out in which way its being blocked? if so you can right click on the various options and see the logs? ( if its not locked down by your admins)

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            Yeah, you do have to chat to your Admins and work out what McAfee is blocking - assuming it is the cause.


            By default, Access Protection logs are stored here (assuming a English language OS): C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\DesktopProtection\AccessProtection.log - This may shed some light on the actual blocking that is occuring - assuming it is McAfee doing the blocking.


            It's also possible that other McAfee software is installed causing the error. As indicated, it may be best going through the IT Support desk and finding out what is occuring.

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              Thank you very much,


              CCleaner.exe = Potentially Unwanted Porgram in the Scan Messages window


              Jesus since when its unwanted program.


              The best program on the net for cleaning.


              I will get back to my admin.


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