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    VSE "Lock User Interface" and policy enforcement through EPO.

      I've noticed this behaviour with VSE 8.5i, and 8.7i and curious about the behaviour. It doesn't sound right - but seems to either be "by design" or a bug that has lasted a very long time. Not really sure if it's an CMA issue or a VSE issue - I'm assuming the latter.


      On an EPO Managed desktop, with VSE 8.7i/8.5i installed (and various CMA agents), I have a policy through EPO (User Interface Properties) to enforce "Tools/User Interface Options/Password Options/Password protection for conformance to Common Criteria" and a password set. This locks the VSE client and stops end users mucking around with settings.


      If I unlock a console on a desktop using the password, then I can modify settings etc. At CMA policy enforcement time, the settings that I have modified are returned to their default settings - but the console is still unlocked.


      If however, while the console is unlocked, I modify the "Password Options" to "no password", then when policy enforcement occurs, the console is locked again and the setting reverted to "Password protection for conformance to Common Criteria". If I change that setting to "Password protection for all items listed" or "Password protection for all selected items" and then force a policy enforcement, the console remains unlocked.


      I would assume that the expected behaviour during policy enforcement would be to lock the Console again.


      Do others replicate this too? Known issue? By Design? Bug?