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    SG560 4.0.7 firmware - accessing WebGUI spike cpu cause unit to reboot

      We've been having issues with 4.0.7 on an SG560 (secure computing branded unit) where accessing the webgui will bring the unit to it's knees (high cpu spike) and at times eventualy reboot itself! I've tried redoing the config from scratch again and using a different piece of hardware / SG560 (just in case) but the same thing happens. This does not happens if I do not have the WAN pluged in (during config / testing) and active / running.


      The interesting thing is if I do not access the webgui the unit work with no issues (that we've noticed) ???


      It's config with ADSL WAN, 2 LAN and 1 DMZ with 1 IPsec & GRE VPN connection using self generated SSL certs with static routing, am I making do too much work??

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