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    Object Directory Backup Question


      Hi. I recently upgraded our Safeboot server to Endpoint Encryption version 5.2.4. I have configured the Object Directory Backup tool to run once a night. I thought that I'd gotten things configured properly, but I am not certain now. Here is a snippet of the new backup log:

      Unable to update file \"F:\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\DBCFG.FDB\" with \"\\Vapw008\Data (F)\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\DBCFG.FDB\" ***   *** Unable to update file \"F:\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\SBFILEDB.FDB\" with \"\\Vapw008\Data (F)\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\SBFILEDB.FDB\" ***   *** Unable to update file \"F:\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\OBJID.FDB\" with \"\\Vapw008\Data (F)\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\OBJID.FDB\" ***   *** Unable to update file \"F:\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000\00000001\00400011.DAT\" with \"\\Vapw008\Data (F)\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000\00000001\00400011.DAT\" ***   *** Unable to update file \"F:\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000\00000001\02400009.DAT\" with \"\\Vapw008\Data (F)\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000\00000001\02400009.DAT\" ***   *** Unable to update file \"F:\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000\00000001\02400014.DAT\" with \"\\Vapw008\Data (F)\Program Files\SBAdmin\SBDATA\00000001\00000000\00000001\02400014.DAT\" ***

      I have also attached a screenshot of the backup dialog box.


      It seems like I am missing something crucial here as two of the groups we have didn't update properly on the backup server.


      What am I missing?


      I believe that I have the licensing done right and I don't think there is anything that I needed to configure for the backup tool. After the update to the production server, I created an image and pushed that to the backup server. This is what we did the last time that we upgraded the production server.