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    Upgrade from 7.x to 8 - manual process?

      Can someone confirm that I'm understanding the version 8 release notes correctly?  I read the information below to mean that I would have to manually enter my config, objects, rules, etc for version 8 and I won't be able to simply restore a version 7 backup to a version 8 install?


      Hopefully it means I will just have to manually restore a 7.x backup.  Anyone try this yet?


      from the version 8 release notes...


      Firewall Enterprise appliance
      Follow this procedure to re-image your firewall to version 8.0.0.
      Note: At this time, there is no option to automatically migrate your existing policy from version 7.x to version
      8.0.0. McAfee intends to provide an upgrade path in the future.

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          Currently there is no option for restoring/moving your configuration from MFE version 7 to version 8 (beyond manually entering your config). As the release notes state, McAfee should have a migration path available in the future.

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            We will have an upgrade package availble in the near future that will allow you to install a package on top of to upgrade to v8.The goal is that v8 is simply a patch to and we do not require you to re-create any of your configuration after moving to v8. The only policy changes you will likely have to make are to start using application and identity controls to provide you the best next generation protection.

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              UPDATE: McAfee Firewall Enterprise v7 to  v8 Upgrades


              A v7.0.1.02 to 8.0.1 upgrade package is now available from McAfee Firewall Support!  As part of this release we are offering assistance in reviewing your existing policy to ensure that your upgrade will be successful prior to you installing it on your production firewalls. If you are interested in having us assist with your upgrade, we have the following process in place: (Limited Time Only)


              McAfee Assisted Upgrade

              1.       Call McAfee Technical Support and get a ticket opened with your Grant ID.

              2.       Support will ask you to securely transfer a configuration back-up of the firewall(s) you want upgraded.

              3.       McAfee will run your configuration through the upgrade process and return to you a report detailing all of our findings and recommendations for your upgrade.

              4.       McAfee Technical Support will then provide a copy of the upgrade package that can be loaded and run on your existing Firewall(s) to get them upgraded from to version 8.0.1.


              NOTE: The McAfee assisted upgrade will only be available for a limited time and will not be available for large numbers of firewalls. If you need assistance migrating a large enterprise, please contact McAfee Professional Services who can assist you with a large migration.


              This process will ensure that our customers have the most success when upgrading.  In the next few months we plan to generally release a new upgrade package on the McAfee download site where all customers can download and upgrade their firewalls to version 8.


              McAfee Firewall Enterprise v8.0 represents  a major milestone towards our next-generation firewall vision.  It is exciting to see all the interest from customers and partners that are looking to upgrade as soon as possible. While version 8.0 has been available for some time, many users have not yet migrated as the upgrade path has not been clear. McAfee has listened to feedback from customers who showed some frustration with the upgrade process. The goals for this upgrade release are that no Firewall re-image will be needed and that customers will be able to upgrade to version 8 through the existing patch process. We also want to ensure that policies and configurations are successfully upgraded the first time to reduce downtime and calls to support. With these goals in mind, the initial upgrade package was released internally to our support organization so that they could provide guidance and assistance. Since its initial release in October of 2010, many customers have already taken us up on our offer and have successfully upgraded from version 7 to version 8 with the support and assistance of McAfee Technical Support and Engineering.


              If you would like to learn more about McAfee’s Next Generation Firewall please visit http://www.mcafee.com/firewall


              Thanks for your continued interest in McAfee Firewall v8 and we hope to see you migrated soon!


              Best Regards,

              McAfee Firewall Team