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    Are there Trojans insecurity downloads?

      Last week I was running my usual scans including MCAFEE virus scan and found an AMETRIS TROJAN (don't recall the numbers included in the ametris) which was fine as it was quarentined and removed.  Next thing I know my security centre was in need of attention, so in pressing 'fix it' MCAFEE downloaded updates and all was well again. Couple of days later done the same thing and same TROJAN appearred and was dealt with the same way and so this went on a couple of times until I was constantly scanning, downloading,fixing etc.  I noticed the afore mentioned threat was actually in one of my MCAFEE files and every time it was removed it had to be redownloaded for my security centre to operate. Anyhow, no harm done (as far as I know) and didn'nt think much of it until I downloaded atotaly different free scanning engine (Housecall fromTrend Micro) as I tend to every now and then run a couple of different tools to see if something was missed.  Within seconds MCAFEE had found and removed another TROJAN which after looking into had come from Housecall security scan.  Are these both false positives or something else and why do they only appear in security downloads?                                                                      Does anyone know anyting about these?     Thanks.mcafee2.bmp