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    SQL license for ePO




      In ePO Installtion Guide there is following statement:


      SQL Server licenses — If using SQL Server, a SQL Server license is required for each processor on the computer where SQL Server is installed.

      CAUTION: If the minimum number of SQL Server licenses is not available after you install the SQL Server software, you might have issues installing or starting the ePolicy Orchestrator software.


      In my opinion it not exactly explains what type of SQL license is needed. I do not believe that 'per processor' license is required.

      I thought that one device CAL license would be sufficient for ePO. And the caution part is especially vague for me.
      Can someone explain what SQL license type is required for ePO? We talking about >5k systems environment, so SQL Exprress is out of the question.



      on 7/10/10 2:57:53 PM CEST