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    My Antivirus has gone AWOL

      I recently updated Security Center. Since then I'm being told that I do not have antivirus protection (which I've always had) and whenever I follow instructions to install it I'm directed to pay to install it despite having an active subscription. Any ideas whats happened?

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          Same problem here. Tried chat support but their suggestions didn't work.

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            Pity, I've tried virtual technician which has found problems, but it won't fix many of them and at this stage I'm not getting any reply from technical support.

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              Hi mgibby,
              I do see from the records that you have an active subscription already paid for. Could you please provide me with the following details :
              What is the computer’s operating system ?
              Do we use the mcAfee removal tool to uninstall the programs ?               

              And as in your  case Ravyn, May I know whether you are trying to install the programs using a cd setup ?

              Please get back with the above details , we will get this one fixed for you.

              Dinesh K
              McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                Hi Dinesh


                A recent update has fixed the problem. A notice on the McAfee support webpage indicated that the message displayed saying that there was no virus protection was a false message.


                A bug in a previous update i guess.


                Problem solved though



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                  Glad that you are OK now , please start a new thread if any more issues


                  Dinesh K
                  McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                    I wasn't trying to install McAfees.  It was already in the pc & then after an update, it wasn't there anymore! (And your chat tech support is about useless)

                    It seemed to have fixed itself yesterday but I updated the video card last evening & it messed up my color. I finally gave up trying to fix it & restored the pc back to the 3rd of this month.

                    AND NOW!! Guess What??  No virus protection again.  It says all the updates are there . Just got this subscription & I'm very unhappy with McAfee's.

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                      Hi, Ravyn:


                      Doing a system restore has a tendency to flummox security software (esp the big suites, such as McAfee), especially if you don't quickly run a manual update as soon as you are restored.

                      (This is because resetting items in the registry to an earlier date makes the program think it is out-of-date, or worse.)


                      Feel free to wait for one of the real experts (either a volunteer mod, such as Peacekeeper or Ex_Brit, or a McAfee expert, such as Dinz) to weigh in, but I expect they will probably tell you to:

                      1) Uninstall McAfee from the control panel > add/remove programs, then reboot and then

                      2) Download and run the MCPR tool from the useful links, and then reboot and then

                      3) Reinstall the latest/current version of McAfee from your online account.


                      Yup, it's a pain. (That's why doing a system restore sometimes "fixes" one issue, only to create another...)

                      But, if you're on a high-speed connection with a computer that's not too old or too slow, it shouldn't take you all that long.


                      Hope this helps,,



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                        It ran the update itself as soon as the pc booted back up.

                        The window for the security system is screwy & only shows half the page but from what I can see it's telling me the pc is protected yet a mouse over of the icon on the start tray/bar says it's not protected.

                        Been wondering if I could just uninstall & reinstall again.  I know it was possible when I had it in my old PC.. .