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    Distributed Repository Replication fails


      Hey there,


      at the moment i try to create several Superagents with distributed repositories.

      I convert the agent(s) into superagents and i see on the client that the directory for the replication is created.

      Then i created a server-task to replicate the repository. I run the server task, and it fails.

      In the server-task-log i get the following message:


      2010-07-12 08:34:26.983
      Verbindung  fehlgeschlagen. Fehler 10054 ( Eine vorhandene Verbindung wurde vom Remotehost  geschlossen. )


      Translation:Repository-Name -  Date - Error - Connection failed. Error 10054 ( An existing connection has been closed by the remotehost.)


      On my ePO test environment this all works just fine.


      Hope someone can help me.


      Server: V4.5.0 P1 =

      Agent: MA 4.0 P3 =


      THX in advance






      If more logs are required i can add them.



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