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    MVT problem--DAT out of date


      Whenever I run MVT on my Desktop PC  I always get the problem- DAT out of date. MVT always clears this error.


      It would be helpful if anybody knows how to cure this continuing problem. I wondered also if this DAT being out of date is likely to cause any


      other problems. 'hope to hear from someone.    Thank you. dadco.

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          Hey dadco,I was recently experiancing the same problems.I unfortunatley won`t be able to tell you what the cause was.Do to the fact that i was having all sorts of problems with Mcafee 2009 prior to useing the virtual tech.I eventually ran a diognostic and found my hard drive to be failing.So the best advice i could give you is run a diagnostic.Or use Mcafee tech support & tell them what is going on.I was told by dell support my problem could have been a few differant reasons.Some of which were pretty disturbing.Hope you make out better then i did.

                                                                                                                                                             Good luck Jack

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            hi Dadco,


            What is the Existing and expected Dat version shown in the problem log, at the end of the scan? What is the sessionid please?




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              I now have the same problem.

              Expected DAT 6041

              Current 6040


              I left it fix it and it tells me to rescan -- on rescan, same problem.


              I just removed and reinstalled to be able to even run MVT.

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                hi George,


                The issue detected by MVT in your case is genuine one. The actual DAT version that needs to get updated to is 6041. Since the VirusScan DAT is not up-to-date MVT is flagging as deviation. The fix part: MVT just triggers the product update task. if this is not working try to update your DAT opening the McAfee SecurityCenter manually. Then run MVT again. Check if the DAT is updated to 6041. If it is up-to-date, MVT should not flag it as issue.




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                  I opened McAfee Total Protection and selected Update - was told all my files are up to date.


                  Reran - same bad date.

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                    What does the about box in McAfee Total Protection shows the DAT version as please?




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                      It says 6041.0000.

                      I then tried to run MVT -- it told me it could not run 2 MVT -- as far as I could see -- I only had 1 running.

                      Another reboot -- ran MVT -- now OK.


                      I do not understand why I am having so much trouble with Total Protection -- my PCs with Internet Security run pretty well (so far).

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                        This should not be the case always. MVT looks for the DAT version from the registry. May be the DAT updated by total protection did not get reflected in the registry and hence the deviation shown by MVT. After reboot it would have been reflected in the registry.


                        Whenever you see such issues, just make sure that the expected DAT version shown by MVT and the DAT version shown in Total Protection 'About' box are same. If they are same then nothing to worry.




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                          message from dadco.


                          I have only just read all the activity as I have been away. I am amazed and delighted that there has been so much discussion.


                          I hope to study the discussions in the next couple of days so I would be grateful if you would keep " looking "


                          Thank you.

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