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    Vundo, MyWebSearch,Cyber Defender

      I have had  McAfee total protection for a couple years and now I seem to of found that it didn't stop the above mentioned . When I renewed my Subscription McAfees install gave a warning about the Cyber Defender problem and a tech said it was a virus and would send a removal tool though I haven't seen it in my mail yet.. Then I heard about malwarbytes and it found in the first stage 14 issues. 1 Vundo  Trojan, MyWebSearch malware. and as of yet malwarebytes hasn't found the cyber defender virus. My pc is running sluggish and before running malwarebytes the pop ups were unreal. every thing had popups/


      I am currently running malwarebytes and est online scan.


      I need to remove the cyber defender in order to install McAfees software.


      Any idea what the removal tool is for the cyberdefender virus



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