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    safeboot error 92h and new iastor.sys??


      We currently run Safeboot Device Encryption from the Build 5400 iso image - this reports as version 5.1.6*


      We have recently had to update our Win XP build process files to cater for the newer Intel chipsets - fundamentally the disk controllers (e.g. Dell Latitiude 4310)

      We have updated from iastor.sys (and associated files) v8.7.1.1001 to v9.5.7.1002


      Our machines build fine, but once we install safeboot and try and reboot them we receive SafeBoot has been corrupted (error 92h) I'm guessing that the most likely cause is this driver - has anyone seen anything like this?  Does this sound likely?  Any other possible causes?


      *I know we're on a pretty old version of Safeboot, we have been waiting for the ability to upgrade to v6.x, to integrate with our ePO, etc. (this functionality may now exist, we haven't checked for a few months..?!?)


      I think the upgrade path for v5 would be to go to EEPC 5.2.3 and EEM 5.2.5...  Perhaps this later version might not have this issue?  I shall fire up our test environment and safeboot server in there and give this a go


      Any thoughts and suggestions welcome!

      Regards and thanks



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