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    email message is text and attachments garbled within??

      I am using Outlook 2007, Win 7, McAfee IE 2009.  When I receive an email with an attachement from one particular mailing list The rest of the people receive it OK like I used to.  It is the same if I access it from web mail even from either AT&T Mail or Earthlink account.  Other users, including my wife on WinXP/Outlook XP, receive the HTml coded email normally. An example email is attached.


      If this is a McAfee configuration problem, any solution would be appreciated.



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          It shouldn't have any effect on how the emails appear in your email client.   I believe there is a setting in Outlook/Outlook Express to view emails in plain text only and that must have been accidentally turned on.


          This would probably solve the garbled attachment problem also.


          I don't use either mail client myself to check if this is the case but I would check under Tools/Options/Read.