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    How do you get old ePO agents to talk to a new ePO server?

      I have recently replaced my old ePO 4.0 server with a new ePO 4.5 server on W2008 R2 (64 bit).  I used the same server name and IP address.  Most of my clients reconnected to the new server with no issue.  I have about 1000 clients that will not connect to the new server.  If I deploy an agent to them it errors out.  From what I can see the issue is with the new certificates on the ePO server.  I can go to each client and load the new agent (it's the same version just created on the new server) and that works.  I don't want to go to each client and manually install the new agent.  Is there a way to force the agents to get the new private keys or can I remove the old ones which will force it to get the new ones?  Thanks in advance!


      I forgot to mention that all my agents are 4.0 and above and the majority of them are



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